Eva K Bulzomi

Eva set a fourth Guinness Book World Record (unofficially)!

1 hour, five minutes and 18 seconds! However, she hopes to be beat....yep, beat, by Gabi Ury. Gabi is attempting to beat Eva's record on April 19th, 2014. We wish her the best of luck and Godspeed. Check out her website (http://www.gabiplanks.com) and wish her luck.

How does Eva keep focused?

40 Minutes and 1 Second --Well, not anymore.....1 hour, 5 minutes and 18 seconds.

Eva unofficially set the world record for the longest time in the abdominal plank position (female) in March 2014 . Learn more ...

See the article in Club Business International


How do you get free protein powder?

By challenging the staff from bodybuilding.com to a plank off. Learn more ...

Eva and her boys!

Eva and her boys! Left-to-right: Geno, Eva, Max, Geno Jr. and Patrick.