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Are you listening
This is my friend
2006-12-18 21:37:19 GMT
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Why don't you ever update the pictures?? I look at it, but you never have new pictures!!
2007-03-30 20:37:46 GMT
i think, i should be on this blog.....
hello from the argentina .
Pablo Bulzomi.
--pablo bulzomi
2007-10-16 15:04:36 GMT
Pablo, you can join--All Bulzomi family is welcome.
2007-11-07 20:12:54 GMT
Just wondering if we are related Geno. My family is originally from Lorain, Ohio. Was wondering if you are related to either Mike Bulzomi (my uncle) or Daryl Bulzomi (my cousin) Would love to hear from you
--Nancy (Bulzomi) Honomichl
2009-02-28 23:57:48 GMT
I am related to this beautiful little girl......Hi from Aunt Lorene.
Also a comment to Nancy Bulzomi...we are related; Geno is my brother, Mike is my grandfather, and Darryl is my Father:)
--Lorene Nord (Bulzomi)
2009-06-23 01:13:48 GMT
Hi Lorene -

I was playing around on sites containing the Bulzomi name, and found you. I found Geno a few years ago, and Mike is on Facebook as one of my friends. This is Connie Price, the daughter of Mary (Bulzomi) Price. I met you when we were children, at Uncle Mike's place. Your dad and I are first cousins. I visited a lot with Peggy when she spent several weeks in Lorain a long time ago. Are you on Facebook?
If so, I am there, on the University of Toronto network...picture has me holding my flute. Link in, and I will add you as a friend!

Hi to Darryl and Helen,

--Connie Price
2009-07-15 17:42:00 GMT
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