How can I use Biometrics?
Your computer is many things: a gateway to the Internet, a bookkeeping tool, a gaming center, a money maker and hundreds of other things. Protecting your computer and the resources it holds should be a very high priority to you. That is where you can use biometrics. Apply biometric measures to secure your home systems. Add a fingerprint reader and add user profiles for a robust security system.

Why should I use it?:
You can scan every family member's or employee's biometric signature into your system and assign resource access to each person. Your child's fingerprint can give them access to the computer and the Internet, but restrict what they can see on the Internet. Your employee's fingerprint can grant them access to a bookkeeping software, but restrict them from accessing human resources systems! First and foremost it restricts people not authorized access to your systems from getting in--redundant bio security measures are solid and can deter even the most experienced criminal from even attempting to break in to your valuable resources.